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Football Handicapping - Football Handicapping Guide
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Our bottom line mission is to deliver the most accurate Football Picks to our clients every week dur
 A Guide to Football Picks from NFL Choice

Not many football handicapping websites would be willing to share some of their inside secrets for success, but we have decided that we would give you a couple of ideas to consider when making football handicapping picks. We have provided our football handicapping guide to help you with determining some of your football predictions with more accuracy.  A lot of the football handicapping services will claim that they can increase your bankroll, but do they provide any statistics to back it up like we do at NFL Choice?

Each and every football season our football handicapping service is going to make you more money when you follow our football handicapping guide.  Our number one goal is to make you money with our football handicapping services and that is exactly what we have been doing since 1996.  Using a portion of our football handicapping guide you can see how we have done for our clients over the past 15 seasons:

Football HandicappingFootball Handicapping Guide

Our football picks are a very profitable 62.0% Average Winning Rate with our premium member releases since 1996 for a profit of over +141,000 Net Units (-1.10 Odds). $100 per game starting bettors have averaged $10,000 each season, while our $1000 players have averaged $100,000 since our official inception in 1996. You wont find better Return on Investment (ROI) anywhere, PERIOD. Stock Markets and Mutual Funds simply cannot compare!

Click here to view our complete football handicapping records history.

Now that we have shown you that our football handicapping services work, we would like to show you some of the insider secrets in our football handicapping guide.

  • Don’t be biased – Choosing your favorite team to win every single week is not the best solution to make more money.  Sure it’s a lot more fun to route for your favorite team but this is not a smart way to handicap football.  All of the teams and all of the match-ups need to be considered in order to find the best chance of winning your football picks.
  • Which statistics really matter – Over the years there are so many trends and statistics that will support either side if you look hard enough for them.  The important part of football handicapping is learning which statistics and trends really matter in dictating the outcome of a particular game.  Just because New York is 6-2 ATS when the total is 24-27 points doesn’t mean that they will cover.  Intangible factors such as crowd noise, momentum, travel, off the field issues, and revenge will always make a significant difference when making an accurate football handicapping pick.
  • Don’t get caught in quicksand – Not everyone is a football handicapping expert and all opinions should not be taken equally.  You need to research the company your considering and find out their record on picking the games and make sure they can prove it as well.  All of our football picks records are posted right after the game so you know exactly what our record is and which team we picked whether they win or lose.
  • The moving lines of Vegas – Once the initial point spread is announced the line typically will shift around as people decide which team to take.  This is very important for football handicapping services to follow this line as it creates many great opportunities to cash in on a particular team.

Certainly it takes a lot more to provide winning football handicapping picks every week than mentioned above, but this guide is meant to give you an introduction to a few basic fundamentals.  We hope that this will help you as you track the games and make better football handicapping decisions each week.  However, if you are serious about making money this football season, we encourage you to look at our football handicapping services.  Please make sure to sign up for one of our packages so that we can show you what our expert football handicapping services can do for you.

Football HandicapperAt NFL Choice we provide some of the most reliable football handicapping picks in the business.  This is done through considering every possible outcome for every game and then supplying you with the best football picks every week.  Certain factors we consider include looking for the key match-ups, how both teams perform against the spread, the weather, location of the game, key injuries and every small detail you can imagine. We give you the key to make more money each season, but it is up to you to use it.

Every year more and more football handicapping web sites are popping up and claiming how much money they can make for you.  The important factor to consider is how well they have been doing in the past with their football handicapping record.  We allow you to see our football handicapping records all the way back to 1996 and we have been making money for our clients every year since then.  This year we encourage you to make money while you relax and watch the football games.

All of our football handicapping packages are affordable when you consider the huge profit margin you will make in return. We invite you to go with the industry leading football handicapping experts at NFL Choice and start to make more money than you thought was possible.

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