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Our bottom line mission is to deliver the most accurate Football Picks to our clients every week dur
Welcome to NFLChoice.com
NOTE:  MONITORED AND VERIFIED AT THE SPORTS MONITOR OF OKLAHOMA. We are the only football consulting service where you'll find winning NFL picks and college football predictions from sports handicappers who only focus on football handicapping. With 16 consecutive profitable seasons and over 45 years combined football handicapping experience behind every pick, NFL Choice is your final destination for the winning NFL and college football picks you demand!


  • 14 of 16 profitable NFL handicapping seasons. ✔
  • 16 seasons of football handicapping experience ✔
  • Extensive football picks only database full of trends, stats, and gaming information dating back 16 seasons. ✔
  • NFL and College Football lifetime average of $8,520 return for $1 per unit player each season since our inception. ✔

Welcome aboard another winning season with the best NFL handicapping service to deliver the profitability that you demand!  We are extremely excited for the 2014 NFL season where we will be providing our Expert NFL Picks every week for our 16th season handicapping pro football.  Before we get started this season, we have a few informative pages for your viewing pleasure introducing our 2014 NFL predictions:

NFL Season Predictions
2014 NFL Season Picks

NCAA Football Season Predictions

2014 College Football Picks
Searching for reliable advice for your football bets? Welcome to NFL Choice, the top football handicapping service in the industry with over 16 years of professional experience. Our NFL handicapping service is focused in providing NFL picks against the spread, profitable college football predictions, and football handicapping advice for our clients. NFL Choice has separated itself from it's competitors by providing the most consistent football betting advice by sustaining solid winning percentages with it's NFL predictions over the last 16 seasons. Find out more today why thousands of bettors around the globe use NFL Choice handicapping for it's football picks this season.


NFLChoice.com is a premium football handicapping service dedicated to making the strongest NFL handicapping picks and NCAA Football Predictions each week throughout the exciting football seasons.  In fact, this coming season marks our 11th year of online service to our clients as we have established ourselves as the most trusted name in the handicapping industry.  Unlike any other service out there, we devote 100% of our resources into handicapping football only giving us a significant advantage over our competitors who handicap a multitude of sports.  We are considered experts in the field of football handicapping and are proud to answer the call every single season. Making money betting on football gets more challenging every season and you need an expert resource that understands the logic that goes behind every betting line the odds-makers set.  At NFL Choice, history is on your side as we have the experience of over 16 seasons of handicapping pro football and college football at your disposal.  Every football handicapping pick that we release features extensive research methods that are backed by over three decades of NFL handicapping.  This is the legacy of experience and results you need this coming season to show you profits that you never thought was possible when betting on football games. Learn More About NFL Choice.

College Football Handicapping Service
This Week's College Football Picks

NFL Handicapping Service
This Week's NFL Picks

The football handicappers on this site have 16 years of handicapping and betting on football successfully.  Even before internet betting was available, our NFL handicapping experts were betting their own NFL picks against the spread and advising a trusted client base. NFL Choice got it's official start in 1996 working with a small group of sports investing clientele. Quickly, we found our strongest area of profitable gain was with NFL handicapping and college football advising. Over the years we have developed a strong reputation for our football picks expertise drawing in small and large bankroll clients who want a significant edge during football season and at the same time keeping our fees low enough for any type of sports bettor. Before launching publicly, we wanted to make sure that our services would take a new approach opposite of traditional handicapping services and automated computerized information services. Building on our strong football handicapping expertise, we recruited the most accurate football handicappers and football analysts in the business to form the expert staff you see here today. Every week, we release top football picks that will consistently make you money throughout the football season. View NFL Choice Company Overview.

NFL Picks for this Week
Weekly NFL Predictions

College Football Picks for this Week
Weekly College Football Picks

Our system utilizes a powerful combination of extensive data analysis combined with expert football handicapping. Our data analysts work hard uncovering variable factors that can affect any game including a myriad of statistics that only our 16 year strong database can uncover. In fact, our database is comprised of thousands of lines of code pulling from the most up-to-date football stat engines in the world.  This database is continuously mined, tweaked, and enhanced to make sure every statistic we use is a valid referential point.  For every football pick released, our data analysts pull the most critically applied statistics sending this crucial game information to our expert football handicappers for official review. Our handicappers then apply the intangible factors that statistical variables just can't uncover including factors like the emotional state of the team, momentum, crowd noise, predicted coaching playbook planning, weather, player morale, revenge, team travel effects, and much more. View Our Conservative Risk Football Betting System.

This scrupulous handicapping system has allowed us to maintain significant winning percentages during the football seasons making large sums of money for our clients. You can take a look at our detailed Handicapping Research Process for the exact specifics on how we pick the NFL games. When you come on board with us, 2 things you can count on are consistency and accuracy with our NFL Predictions and college football picks.   We put hours of extensive research into our football handicapping in order to verify that the picks we release have the highest probability of winning.  Anyone can win a few bets, but where most traditional handicapping services fail is consistency and accuracy over time. Our football handicapping system guarantees winning percentages consistently, making you a football investor rather than a gambler. The fact is gambler's lose, and that is not what we do here!

Weekly NFL Picks
This Week's NFL Picks

Weekly NCAA Football Picks
This Week's College Football Picks

All records posted on this website are actively monitored by our clients and updated after every graded pick. We keep all of our records since our inception in 1996 available for public viewing.  View Our Documented Football Handicapping Records.

Here at NFL Choice, we DO NOT gamble, we invest in our football picks. There is a huge difference between gambling and investing, and it is more than just fundamental. Our football investment strategies allow you to consistently profit on our NFL Predictions and the college football games you love the most while maintaining your bankroll. We will never offer a "Game of the Year" or "Monster Lock" type picks as most typical handicappers do so often. All of our football handicapping plays carry the same weight and are based on long term success and profits that are similar to the stock market. If you are looking to get rich quick, you have come to the wrong place. But, if you are looking for a profitable sports investment strategy, allowing you to rake huge profits over time using our football handicapping as the medium, look no further than NFLChoice.com. View Rating System for Betting Football Games.


$100 Per Game Players = $7,000+ Per Season
$300 Per Game Players = $21,000+ Per Season
$500 Per Game Players = $35,000+ Per Season
$1000 Per Game Players = $70,000+ Per Season

Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call at our main office toll free 1-866-940-7425 to discuss our football handicapping services. Or, you can email us at support@nflchoice.com for a speedy response via email.  Please click the following links for more vital information about our handicapping services.  We look forward to working with you this season and are ready to show you the type of profitability you demand.

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Winning Football Picks
NFL picks

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